John "Gemini" Lombardi was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  With his quick sense of humor and witty personality, Gemini decided to start performing at the young age of eleven. He took his act to streets of New York City, where his only audience was a crowd of passersby and neighbors. With his energetic charisma and quick wit, he brought the crowd to tears of laughter. It was then he began his professional career in comedy. John’s ambitions led him on a successful climb to the top where he began to study acting, dance, and choreography to enhance his ebullient comedic talent.

“I do a little bit of comedy and a little bit of magic.

What you laugh at, that’s the comedy. What you don’t, well, that’s the magic.”

Today, Gemini has performed on Fox5, NBC, and at hundreds of comedy clubs, casinos, resorts, and theatres across the country.  Gemini has been called the “Maestro of Magic & Laughter," because of his magic, his jokes, the way he reads the audience and his unique style of showmanship.  Gemini is also an accomplished ventriloquist, with several “friends” that keep the audience in the palm of his hand. 

John studied drama at the Weiss Baron School of Drama, H.B. Studio Acting School, and Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City. John attended Nazareth College and State University in New Paltz, New York. As well as performing, John loves racquetball, his motorcycle, his family, his life, and God. He is now married with two wonderful children and continues to love life doing what he loves most, comedy and magic.