Ventriloquist & Comedian

Film and Television:
John has performed his stand up and was invited as a guest on almost every cable channel including Showtime & Comedy Central. He has two national commercials done by McCann-Erickson Ad. Moler Pr. I have been a comic on P.M. Magazine: Joe Franklin and Americas Funniest People. A regular on Good Day N. Y. and news shows through out the country.

Resorts & Comedy Clubs:
John has headlined for the past 15 years in such clubs as Dangerfield’s, Carolyn’s and improve in N.Y.C. Rascals, Tropicana and the best of Bogota in Atlantic City N.J. Other great top clubs in L.A. improve are the comic strip and Iggbees. He has performed almost every week around the country, Grochos comedy F.L., New York comedy club O.C.M.D. Comedy Zone U.S.A. When he is not headlining a full show he has worked with some of the other great stars such as Bob Hope, Gilbert Gottfried, Chubby Checker, Johnny Maestro, the Brooklyn Bridge, Belmont’s and Dice Clay.

Johnny style of Acting, Honesty and Spontaneous humor comes as easy as his magic. It has won his such awards as magician of the year, top 10 finalists in the Johnny Walker comedy camp. Top 12 for dance fever NBC and one NY C’s Mayors favorite acts for his donation of time and talent to the underprivileged family are of N.Y.

He had required training from such schools as Weiss Baron, H.B. studio Gene Frankly NYC. Most of his Wit and Personality comes from living life to the fullest. His academics schooling at Nazareth and State University at New Paltz New York. A well rounded person who loves Racquetball, his Motorcycle and most of his family, Career, and God.